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German II

German II is an elective course offered to those cadets in grades nine through twelve at Fork Union Military Academy who have successfully completed German I. The course is a sequential progression of German I, while preparing the student to continue into advanced levels of the language at the academy.

The course expands on the basic grammar, reading, and conversational skills presented in German I. The student will vastly expand his ability to write, read, and speak the language by mastering the material offered in this course.

As in German I, video segments and computer programs are used to expand and reinforce the material presented in the textbook and the classroom setting. Writing is emphasized via various composition topics, and translation is practiced by translating stories and dialogs from the textbook, as well as additional material from various German books.

Students identify and complete a research project on the 16 German states, and European geography is reviewed.

Materials used: German Today 1 with corresponding workbook and grammar and vocabulary exercise book with audio tapes for listening comprehension. Videos and computer programs continue to be used to reinforce classroom material. Prerequisite: Successful completion of a German I course with a grade of C or better.