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German I

German I is an elective course offered to all cadets in grades nine through twelve at Fork Union Military Academy. The course is a first step in a sequential offering of German at the Academy. Cadets will establish a foundation in German that will enable them to continue their study of the language if they so choose.

The course introduces the student to the rudiments of the German language. Various communicative functions such as talking about oneself, telling time, asking names and ages, and conducting basic conversations are emphasized. The student will also concentrate on basic grammar structures and usage (i.e. basic sentence and question structure). Reading comprehension is mastered via short reading selections and dialogs in German.

Video segments that reinforce vocabulary and grammatical structures for each chapter are integral parts of the instructional plan, and are used to promote conversation in German. Students learn the major German cities, as well as the European countries and their capitals. Students learn many cultural aspects of the German-speaking nations through several cultural notes in the textbook in addition to various internet projects and assignments.

Materials used: German Today 1 with corresponding workbook and grammar and vocabulary exercise book with audio tapes for listening comprehension. Videos and computer programs are also used.