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Fork Union Military Academy Announces Special Discounting to Help Families Displaced by Hurricane Dorian

Monday, September 9, 2019

Fork Union Military Academy has announced that it will be providing an automatic $5,000 hardship/hurricane discount for any young man who qualifies for admission to Fork Union from an area affected by Hurricane Dorian. This is in addition to any need-based financial aid for which the family might normally qualify to receive.

"Hurricane Dorian has produced terrible destruction in its wake," said Colonel David Coggins, President of Fork Union Military Academy. "There has been extensive damage to homes, schools, and infrastructure in places like the Bahamas, and some coastal areas of the southeastern United States. This creates a tremendous disruption in the lives of many families.I understand very well that at a time like this, families might be torn between the emotional need to keep their sons close versus the practical benefit of placing their sons in a better, less-disrupted environment where the young men can focus on their education and future."

"In an effort to ease the burden for families such as this," Coggins continues, "we want to do our part. Families are trying to rebuild their lives and balance the responsibilities of family, work, and moving forward against the challenges they face. We can provide a safe and structured school environment for some of those young men, and we want to do our part to help."

Fork Union Military Academy is making a limited number of spaces available for young men seeking this special hurricane-related discount. Fork Union Military Academy is an all boys, Christian, college prep boarding school in central Virginia for young men in 7th-12th grade, and postgraduates pursuing a gap-year program prior to college. Because the school follows a unique One Subject Plan curriculum, there are several entry days during the academic year and the school can accommodate mid-year enrollments more easily than most schools.

To request more information about this hurricane/hardship discount, contact our Admissions Office at 434-842-4205 or by email at, or visit our special site set up for this purpose at

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