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English III

English III is a course designed to provide an in-depth, historical survey of American literature. The course is sixty percent literature which is drawn primarily from the main text and further supplemented by the required parallel readings. The other forty percent is comprised of grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

The focus on literature provides the opportunity to teach the student the variety of literary forms which exist in our own country, allowing for the deeper study of the various literary devices utilized within those forms of artistic expression.

The writing portion of the course is combined with word processing and all related computer skills necessary at higher levels of education. The campus has a 1 to 1, student to laptop computer ratio and is equipped with wireless internet in every classroom as well as Ethernet connectivity in all cadet barracks rooms. The development of essay writing skills containing careful literary analysis, focusing on vocabulary and precise grammatical structure is emphasized at least three times per week. Grammar exercises are assigned on a regular basis.