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Health Services / Infirmary

Yeatman Infirmary

Fork Union Military Academy's Infirmary works to meet cadets’ health-related needs. The infirmary has a Registered Nurse available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever cadets are on campus. The nurse on duty distributes prescribed medications, assesses, and treats cadet illnesses and injuries, and maintains close contact with the athletic training staff and an Academy physician. The physician is available every weekday morning during “sick call” and is easily accessible after hours for emergencies. Whenever necessary, the physician and nursing staff make referrals to specialists, and the Academy staff provides transportation to nearby hospitals.

The infirmary staff communicates closely with cadets’ guardians regarding health issues, and ensures cadet immunizations and vaccinations are up-to-date. Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AEDs) are available in nine central locations on campus, and the infirmary staff, athletic training staff, and various department heads and faculty have been trained for their use.

Required Health Forms to be Completed Before Enrollment

 Health Forms and Immunization Record

Concussion Policy and Action Plan

International Students—Important Insurance Information

Link to International Insurance

Important Notes About the Required Health Form & Immunization Record

  • All students are required to have an up-to-date health form and physical on file with our infirmary at the time of registration. Your student will not be allowed to remain on campus without these documents. Please make sure you have all of these documents in order prior to arriving on campus. We recommend that you bring copies of any forms that were mailed or faxed to the infirmary in advance of your registration. You can download a copy of the health form that needs to be completed from our website.
  • Part of the health form must be completed and signed by the student's physician and includes the results of a physical examination completed within the past year.
  • The health form also requires a complete record of immunizations. These immunizations are required by the Virginia Department of Health and may be different from the immunizations required by the student's previous school. A complete list of required immunizations is found in the health form.
  • One of the immunizations required is a tuberculosis skin test completed within the past year. This is an annual requirement and must be completed before the student will be allowed to remain on campus. This test, also known as a PPD test, is done by making a small injection into the top layer of skin on the inside of the forearm. The skin test reaction must then be examined and read by a medical professional two days later. While this test can be administered in our infirmary on check-in day, it will take additional time and will cost $50.00 for the test. You can have this test performed by your physician's office in advance of check-in and it will most likely be covered by your insurance and you will save time on your student's check-in day if you have completed this test in advance.

Important Notes About Insurance

  • You will need to bring your cadet's health care card showing his health insurance coverage. All cadets are required to have health insurance coverage purchased from a US-based company while attending Fork Union Military Academy.
  • If your cadet is an international student, you will be required to purchase a policy that covers him while at FUMA. Information on the International Health Care insurance coverage available while at FUMA is posted above on this page..


If you have questions, please contact our Infirmary at 434-842-4310 or by email at

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