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Dining Services and Opportunities

Estes Dining Hall

Fork Union Military Academy's Estes Dining Hall operates with a full staff which serves our students three meals a day, seven days a week.  Beginning with the first day of Football Preseason and going until the Breakfast of Graduation Saturday, our Dining Hall's goal is to provide our students the best possible nutritional meals.  The Dining Hall also hosts unique meals throughout the year including Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. Students are offered hot food at every meal along with other options; these option include fruit, cereal, ways to build sandwiches, as well as an extensive salad bar. Dessert is also available at every lunch and dinner. Cookies and ice cream top the list for most cadets.

As wonderful as the food options are the best part of Estes Dining Hall is our wonderful staff. The men and women of the Dining Hall offer hot food and warm smiles to everyone passing through. They work relentlessly to provide meals for the cadets as well as faculty and staff.  

Sabre Shop 

(The Sabre Shop is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.)

The Sabre Shop provides cadets with an on-campus dining alternative. Open select times during the day, and during various athletic events, the Sabre Shop gives cadets another place to eat and socialize. The dining facilities are well-maintained, and meet all state and local health standards.

Vaughan Hall Social Center

The Vaughan Hall Social Center, which is located across from Jacobson Hall, our student barracks, is open throughout the weekends and during breaks in the daily class schedule.  Normally, just a place for students to relax and enjoy themselves with a game of chess, ping pong, pool, or a video game or two with friends, Vaughan Hall can also be the home to social events that include dances, cookouts, snacks and drinks.