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Cadet Activities and Clubs

Board Game Club

Dedicated to enjoying board games both modern and classic, the board game club meets in the library during club activities each week.

Boy Scouts of America

Chess Club

Chess club meets and completes in matches throughout the year against not only various students but also other schools.

Debate Club

Our debate club meets in the evenings weekly in the library where they hone their skills as they complete on a regional, state, and national level.

Fellowship of Christian Athletics

Fellowship of Christian Athletics, or FCA, works to improve the Fork Union community while also strengthen their Christian values and sense of brotherhood.  They assist with numerous events throughout the school year.

Fishing Club

A more traditional club, the Fishing club not only meets at our local fishing pond, Pruitt Lake, but they will also travel with various staff and faculty members to other nearby locals for some relaxing fishing trips.

Global Citizens Club

The Global Citizens Club raises awareness of cultural diversity while allowing members to participate in community service projects.

Interact Club

Interact is Rotary International's service club for young people. Each year, Interact Clubs complete at least two community service projects.

Judo Club

Judo Club meets multiple times a week down in our Estes Athletic Center and push themselves both physically and mentally with the help of their Judo Club sponsor.

Model UN


Quiz Bowl


Robotics completes each year in the FIRST Team Robotics competition.  The team meets regularly in our on-campus Robotics room.


Volleyball Club

Woodworking Club

One of the more popular clubs on campus, the Woodworking Club helps interested cadets in honing their skills by designing, repairing, and finishing wood projects.

Honor Council

The Fork Union Military Academy Honor Council is composed of cadet leadership and is responsible for upholding the Academy's Honor Code: 

A Cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal; or tolerate those who do.

Honor Company

Color Guard

Cannon Crew

Retan Rifles

National Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society

Praise Band

The cadet praise band is made up of piano, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar and focused mainly on Praise and Worship music.  The praise band performans in chapel services and also accompanies the cadet choir when they perform.  The praise band occasionally uses orchestral instruments such as violins and violas when talented students desire to participate.  It is a great opportunity for musical cadets to enjoy a unique opportunity.



Military Ball

Parents Day Parade

Military Appreciation Day Parade

Alumni Weekend/Alumni Parade

Mother's Day Parade

Senior/PG Parade

Alumni Speaker Day


Cadets and our Development Department work together over multiple weeks to call as many alumni, parents, faculty, and friends of the Academy as possible to help raise money for our future.