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Letter from the Admissions Office

Date Posted:  Thursday, June 10, 2021


If you had told me that one day, I would be the Director of Enrollment Management at an all-boys’ military academy in rural Virginia, I would have laughed and walked away.  

Yet here I am. How did this happen? We all know life can lead you down many roads; and in 2019 when I moved to Goochland County, Virginia, COL Tripp Billingsley encouraged me to apply to work for him in the Academy’s Admission Office. 

When I came to interview, I specifically asked to meet with a group of cadets because if I was going to work here, I wanted to see what type of students I was going to have to be dealing with. The group of boys I spoke with left me so impressed. They were polite, curious, kind, and respectful. They were also very honest. “Yes, Fork Union is hard. It’s not easy being here, but I understand that I need to be here.” They really struck me. Of course, I took the job and have since been blessed to move up the ranks.  

As part of the Advancement Department, it is our task to promote the mission of FUMA through 1) The enrollment and retention of cadets, 2) Service to our Alumni, and 3) Friend raising/Fund raising.  

The goal for each of our interactions is to create a lifetime supporter and advocate for FUMA. 

MAJ Mark Shuman, MAJ Reggie Barnette and I also serve as being the gatekeepers for The Academy. It is our goal to recruit and enroll the best from our applicant pool. We take our duties very seriously, and we hope that you are always spreading the FUMA word.  

As a new member of the FUMA community, I encourage to swing by my office, introduce yourself and tell me why this place is so special to you. It already has made a lasting impact for me.  


Jackie Montero-Sharpe 

FUMA Director of Enrollment Management


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