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From the Director of Advancement

Date Posted:  Thursday, February 25, 2021
Tripp Billingsley '77

Greetings from Advancement,

Welcome to the return of our Call to Quarters Alumni newsletter. We hope this quarterly email will not only keep you up to date on the latest news from here on campus, but will also remind you of the friendships, experiences, and lessons learned from your time as a cadet. We will also do our best to keep you informed on how your classmates from around the world are doing.

Our goal is to strengthen the bond between our alumni and our Academy, and to do so through the stories and pictures we will present. The focus and features will look into lives of cadets, both present day and from bygone days, and the impact of Fork Union Military Academy, both short-term (I got into my dream college!) and long-term (I have the resiliency to handle life’s challenges!)

The Advancement Department is new this year, and it is our task to promote the mission of FUMA through:

1) The enrollment and retention of cadets

2) Service to our Alumni

3) Friend raising/Fund raising

The goal for each of our interactions is to create a lifetime supporter and advocate for FUMA.

While your financial support of the Academy is, and will always be, vital to our continued progress, it is not the only way you can help ensure our future.

*Recommend us to your friends and family members who may be looking for a great educational setting for their young man. Even in this digital age word-of-mouth advertising from former cadets and their parents remains the most often mentioned source of information cited by families looking at FUMA.

*Come to an off-campus event. When we are safely able to return to our travels we will again be on the road hosting both admissions and alumni focused events, and your presence and participation at both will be welcome. Event postings will be a regular part of this newsletter, as well as being available at

*Come see us on-campus. We will hold Alumni Day 2021 on Saturday May 22 (fingers crossed), and also look forward to the day when campus is once again open for ballgames, parades, and alumni visits. Your times with us bring a great source of energy to those of us who work here, and are a reminder to our cadets that there is a life after FUMA.

In this pandemic year we remain true to the principals of our mission, and continue to educate, develop, and inspire young men in a Christian, military, college prep environment built on the tradition of Body, Mind, and Spirit. We remain Fork Union Military Academy.

All the best for health, safety, and happiness from all of us,

Tripp Billingsley ‘77