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Call to Quarters

Date Posted:  Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Brooks Berry '97


Brooks Berry '97, is the Major Gifts Officer
for the FUMA Advancement Department.

When FUMA sent its cadets and staff home because of COVID-19 in March 2020, I had just returned from a trip visiting alumni and friends of the academy in Texas.   I assumed I would be back on the road in a few weeks. One year later, I’m still at home calling, zooming, and emailing alums so we can stay connected and continue to support our great school.  We’ve had to change a few things over the past 12 month, virtual became our new norm. But we’ve adapted, and I’d imagine you have as well.  The staff, faculty and cadets have been blown away by your support during these difficult and confusing times.  

For many years the Call to Quarters Magazine was an important part of our communication and connectivity.  As alums we all depended on the magazine to keep us informed about the academy and update our community on the lives of our fellow cadets and those that taught, coached, molded, inspired, preached and disciplined us at our school.   The past 20 years we have seen a drastic change in the way we communicate with each other and we all have adapted.  In addition to traditional mail, we have added email, social media, digital newsletters, podcasts and websites.  As I talk to alums ranging in graduating classes from the 1940s to 2020, I hear a variety of preferences of how they would like FUMA to communicate.  As a school we want to make sure we are serving you as alums which is why we are excited to be re-launching the Call to Quarters Quarterly Online Magazine.  Each addition will be delivered in a digital format.

When I meet with fellow alums that common message is that Fork Union Military Academy was the most transformational time in their life.  My story isn’t any different.  Current H&R Block President and CEO Jeff Jones ’86 summed it up best during his interview with Katie Couric on Leading a Company with Purpose, “Fork Union Military Academy……It changed my life”.  We are all connected by this experience and the motto “Body, Mind and Spirit”

We hope you enjoy the Called to Quarters and let's look forward to staying connected as we continue the mission of Fork Union Military Academy on our campus and throughout your communities around the world. 

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