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Body, Mind, Spirit, and Basketball

Biography of Coach Fletcher Arritt Hits Bookshelves


In forty-two years leading a highly-competitive basketball program with a brand-new group of players every year, Coach Fletcher Arritt studiously avoided the spotlight but still became a life-altering presence for hundreds of athletes who passed through the gates of Fork Union Military Academy. By steadfastly maintaining the same values and discipline that he brought to the job in 1970, Coach Fletcher Arritt became both a mentor for big-name basketball coaches and a father figure for boys on the road to manhood.


"There are a lot of great coaches that not a lot of people know about. He was a great coach. But the other thing about Fletcher Arritt, any time somebody mentions the name Fletcher Arritt to me it makes me smile. And that's a pretty good legacy to have.” 
—North Carolina head coach Roy Williams

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