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7th and 8th Middle School

Middle School

In order to assist our 7th and 8th graders with their full-time transition to the One-Subject Plan, they are placed on a modified version of the program in order to help them adjust to the rigors of intensive-style study. Though the 7th and 8th grade programs are different in some respects, each has been designed to prepare Middle School cadets for the One-Subject Plan.


7th Grade Academic Program: STEM, Humanities, and Cultural Studies

Like the Upper School program, the 7th Grade is divided into five terms. During Terms 1 and 2, cadets  take Science in the morning and  Math in the afternoon, staying with the same instructor throughout the day. Though cadets receive a separate grade for both courses, the goal of teaching these two courses together is two-fold: A.) To give cadets a sense of the One-Subject Plan, and B.) To expose them to STEM concepts. In the afternoon, in order to ensure that English skills are maintained, cadets will take a daily, 45-minute seminar course titled English Skills, which will cover grammar, vocabulary, and reading-comprehension.

During Terms 3 & 4, cadets take American History in the morning and English in the afternoon, both with the same teacher. Like the Science and Math courses, students receive separate grades for English and History. However, the goal of this course is to link the two subjects in such a way that students feel as though they are in one, overarching Humanities course. In order to achieve this, the English portion of the curriculum is used to supplement the American History portion by incorporating age-appropriate, historical fiction novels in order to supplement discussions in American History. Likewise, much of the vocabulary and writing in the English portion of the course is driven by the history content. Like Terms 1 and 2, students will take a daily afternoon seminar course—this time covering Math skills—in order to ensure that the basic fundamentals of Math are not neglected during the two terms of Humanities.

In Term 5, 7th grade cadets switch to a shortened version of the One-Subject Plan where they will take a course titled Cultural Studies. The goal of this course is to expose the cadets to various world cultures and the geography surrounding these cultures. Likewise, the course is meant to build upon all areas studied during Terms 1-4. In reading and writing about various cultures and their histories, students will reinforce their Humanities skills. In examining and comparing the demographic and economic data of various regions and cultures, students can build upon their STEM skills. During this term, cadets will take two 45-minute seminar courses on a daily basis to supplement the Cultural Studies course. The first seminar course will be an introduction to Spanish course that covers the very basics of the language. The second course—music and Culture—will examine music from cultures around the world.


8th Grade

The 8th grade is structured much like the 7th grade, only with a few tweaks. During Terms 1 and 2, cadets take English, along with American History/Civics. Unlike the 7th grade, these courses are taught by two separate teachers. For Terms 3 and 4, cadets transition to Math and Science, again taught by two separate teachers.

Through Terms 1-4, cadets will begin their day taking a Health and Exercise Science course. The Health portion of the course is taught by our Upper School Health instructor and the Exercise Science portion is taught in the Academy's weight room by our Director of Sports Performance (Strength and Conditioning Coach). In the Exercise Science portion of the course, cadets will learn the basics of various physical activities including weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise, and calisthenics, along with proper dietary measures for each. In the Health portion of the course, cadets will learn about the changes that occur in the adolescent male body and will focus on proper hygiene management.

During Term 5, 8th graders will transition to the One-Subject Plan and will fully integrate with the Upper School. Typically this term is used to fulfill a Math or World Language requirement.  


7th and 8th Grade Curriculum and Courses Descriptions

A listing of all of our courses including Electives along with the introductions from the curriculum for each course.

  7th Grade 8th Grade
Social Studies  
World Language