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7th and 8th Grades (Middle School)

Middle School

In order to assist our 7th and 8th graders with their transition to the One-Subject Plan, they are placed on a modified version of the program in order to help them properly adjust to the intensive-style study characteristic of the One-Subject Plan. Though the 7th and 8th grade programs are different in some respects, each has been designed to prepare Middle School cadets for the One-Subject Plan.


7th Grade Academic Program

Core Courses

Like the Upper School program, the 7th Grade is divided into five terms for core courses. During Terms 1 and 2, cadets take Humanities 7 and Math 7. During Terms 3 and 4, cadets will continue to take Humanities 7 but will take Science 7 instead of Math 7 as their second core course. In Term 5, 7th grade cadets switch to a modified version of the One-Subject Plan where they will take a Cultural Studies course to conclude the academic year. The goal of this course is to expose cadets to various world cultures, customs, religions, and economies and also includes a geography component.

*During the 2020-2021 Academic Year, 7th grade cadets will take the Cultural Studies course during Term 3 to better accommodate the planned distance learning scheduled to take place during the first three weeks of Term 3*

What About English and History?

The Humanities 7 course is taken with one instructor and combines elements of both English 7 and US History 7 into one course; however, students do receive separate grades for English and US History. The goal of this course is to link the two subjects in such a way that students feel as though they are in one, overarching Humanities course. In order to achieve this, the English portion of the curriculum is used to supplement the US History portion by incorporating age-appropriate, historical fiction novels in order to supplement discussions in American History. Likewise, much of the vocabulary and writing in the English portion of the course is driven by the history content.

 What About Elective/Seminar Courses?

7th graders will take exploratory seminar courses on a rotating basis throughout the academic year. Each day, 7th grade cadets will spend an hour in seminar courses, which rotate on a term-by-term basis. Though seminar options typically change on a year-to-year basis, current 7th grade seminars include Study Skills, Leadership, Music, Chorus, Art, and Yearbook.

8th Grade Academic Program

Terms 1 and 2

During Terms 1 and 2, cadets will take English 8 and Civics 8, rotating between two teachers throughout the day. Students will also take seminar/elective courses on a rotating basis during Terms 1 and 2, which may include but are not limited to Exercise Science, Leadership, Music, and Chorus.

Terms 3 through 5

During Terms 3-5, 8th grade cadets will fully transition to the One-Subject Plan with the rest of the Upper School, earning high school credit as they complete the remainder of their core courses for the year. One of the three terms will include a math course, typically Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 depending on student need. A second term will include a science course in either Earth or Environmental Science. Finally, a third term can be used to take various freshman-level courses such as Western Civilization, English 9, Spanish or German 1, or an additional math or science course.


7th and 8th Grade Curriculum and Courses Descriptions

A listing of all of our courses including Electives along with the introductions from the curriculum for each course.

  7th Grade 8th Grade
Social Studies  
World Language