Success stories begin here.

One mother's story:

Jeremy was my toughest kid to get through school. Everyday, my adrenaline would go up at 3 o'clock because I knew I'd have to fight until 10 o'clock to get his homework done.

Fork Union has been like a miracle. It has challenged him.

He was a kid with a 99th percentile in math on the achievement tests, but he was making C's because he wouldn't do his homework. Finally he got to a school that challenged him, challenged his energy level, and focused him. It was a life changing decision. He would have been lost at the public school.

I've not only seen academic changes but spiritual changes, growing as a Christian. I've seen that he's taken responsibility. When he came back home on his first leave after just two months, I was shocked. He'd always tried to stay out late or slip by the rules or do whatever he could to get by with anything. He said, "Mom, I'll be home at 11 o'clock, because a man does what he says he's going to do." And he walked in at five minutes to 11. It was like a different kid.

The Lord works miracles here. He does. Kids turn around and go on to be great successes.

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