Name Position Phonesort icon Email
SGT Shawn Shreves Assistant to the Quartermaster 434-842-4350
Mrs. Rosemarie Harris Maintenance Department Secretary 434-842-4340
Mrs. Stacey Nazar Allowance Officer 434-842-4337
Mrs. Sharon Higginbotham Chief Financial Officer 434-842-4336
Mrs. Ellen Melton Senior Accounting Officer 434-842-4334
Mrs. Lisa Lamb Student Accounts Administrator 434-842-4332
Ms. Julie Haynes Accounting Clerk 434-842-4330
Mrs. Jeni Fick Student Activities / Housemother 434-842-4329
Ms. Lindsay Nolting Art & French 434-842-4327
Ms. Jenny Payne Housemother 434-842-4326
Mrs. Carol Childress Secretary to the President 434-842-4323
RADM J. Scott Burhoe President 434-842-4323
Miss Tracy Kilpatrick Staff Nurse 434-842-4310
Mrs. Juanita Scott Head Nurse 434-842-4310
Mrs. Debi Justice Staff Nurse 434-842-4310
Sabre Shop 434-842-4306
Book Issue Room 434-842-4304
Barber Shop 434-842-4303
Cadet Store 434-842-4302
Susan Goolsby Manager of Sabre Shop and Cadet Store 434-842-4302