Education is the Key to our Future

I am writing this blog entry on Thursday night. Friday will be too full. There are two different Veterans Day ceremonies, our own here at 6:30 PM as we honor the 57 Fork Union Military Academy graduates killed while engaged in wars and conflicts around the world, and one in Dixie at 11:00 to honor all veterans…just before attending a lunch for WWII veterans at the Village Restaurant and supporting our cadets in Rachel’s Challenge who are packing care packages for veterans deployed overseas.

What a week it has been, starting on Monday with a special in-service training for our staff and faculty. Bullying in schools is a national issue, and since there has been so much publicity and concern about it, we felt it was important to have a school psychologist teach us the real facts and debunk any myths. The overall atmosphere of the school is the main way to deter bullying…which works in our favor here at FUMA.

On Tuesday I attended the Baptist General Association of Virginia annual meeting. The theme was “ReJoice, ReClaim, ReJesus.” FUMA is considered one of BGAV’s educational institutions, which gives us access to the many resources available to Baptists throughout Virginia and the United States. The morning was uplifting with praise music, excellent speakers, worship, and outstanding fellowship. Later that evening I attended an event hosted by members of our Board of Trustees at the Hermitage Country Club in Richmond, VA. We introduced a new FUMA video, and I spoke of the rich past and the bright future of Fork Union Military Academy. I will publish those remarks on our webpage, along with my Veteran’s Day remarks.

My main theme on Tuesday night was that it is indeed a privilege to work in education. Educating young people is the key to America’s future. We are fortunate to have a school with such a supportive Board of Trustees, hardworking faculty and staff, and unconditional support and love of alumni, parents, and friends. Everyone working together to make this school great. Our purpose is to educate, develop, and inspire young men, and this task gives meaning and significance to all our lives. We grow and learn as much as our students.

Wednesday I walked through the Jacobson Hall construction site, including walking up to the second floor of the building. It is an impressive sight, and right now is four days ahead of schedule. We will begin giving tours of the building to cadets, staff, and faculty so that everyone can share in the excitement this will bring to our ever-improving campus. Today we met to discuss the demolition of Snead and Memorial Halls [after Jacobson Hall is complete], which will open the campus even more.

Today we inducted many high achieving students into the National Honor Society. It was a student-led ceremony, with our brightest cadets on center stage. The theme of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character is very familiar to all of us here at Fork Union Military Academy. It fits in nicely with our motto, “Body, Mind, Spirit.” I am already looking forward to next year’s induction ceremony, and anticipate an even greater percentage of our students earning their way into this special organization.

For all veterans, young and old, thank you for your service to this great nation. The theme for my remarks on Veterans Day will revolve around this quote from George Washington, “The willingness in which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional as to how the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

Go Veterans! Go FUMA!