Cadet leadership receives etiquette training

The cadet leadership received a mini-class in etiquette (good manners) on Wednesday afternoon, August 24th. Mrs. Hanlin, Registrar, and Mrs. Armstrong, Librarian, conducted the class. Many areas of good etiquette and manners were covered, but primarily those that are necessary on campus at FUMA. Some of the topics discussed included: being respectful not only to the adults, but to each other; dining hall manners; classroom manners; and basic introductions. The cadet leaders learned that good manners impress people, helps build self-esteem and makes others feel good.

FUMA's goal is to have every cadet on campus be involved in an etiquette class before the young men get too far into the academic year. A more in-depth class is planned for the seniors and postgraduates which will cover the basic etiquette for job interviews, dining with prospective bosses, and how to basically have good manners in any social setting. FUMA strives to be a place where we respect others as we would like to be respected ourselves. The cadet leadership was a very interactive group and asked many questions during the class.

Courtesy of Bev Hanlin, Registrar