Get to Know Sonia Brandon - Middle School Faculty


Name: Sonia Brandon   Title: Middle School Spanish teacher, part time   Years at FUMA: 1999-2005 Upper School French and Spanish teacher and 2010-present Middle School Spanish teacher

Duties: I currently teach Introduction to Spanish, Spanish 1, and Spanish 2 in the Middle School.

Describe yourself in one sentence. I am balanced and love to learn.

What is your favorite FUMA memory? I appreciate it when students come back to FUMA and tell me how much they learned from me.  I also thoroughly enjoy seeing the light bulb go on when students make connections in class.  

In the time you have been at the Academy, what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment? In the Upper School, I was very pleased when students in my Honors French 4 class earned up to 4 semesters worth of college credit by taking the French CLEP test.  I was also thrilled when my students were able to read and appreciate Huis Clos (No Exit) by Jean Paul Sartre in French, one of my favorite plays of all time.  In the Middle School, I enjoy seeing students who come to my class not able to say a word in Spanish, but end up several months later performing in a play all in Spanish.   

What job duties/responsibilities do you have at FUMA that others may not be aware of? I coached the Upper School tennis team for a few years and now I enjoy taking Middle School cadets skiing and to the occasional community service project.

If you were given two free tickets to any sporting or entertainment event in the U.S., what would be the name of the event or performer printed on those tickets? A Sting concert or the finals at the US Open

What is your favorite pastime? Gardening and camping with my family

What advice can you offer to current cadets to help them understand the importance of a good education, as well as how FUMA can benefit their future success? Take advantage of all the awesome opportunities this school provides.  Try something new.  You never know, you may end up enjoying it and become quite good at it. 

Add any additional comments that you feel would describe your time at the Academy and how it has benefited you as an employee. I love to teach.  I love to share ideas with fellow colleagues.  FUMA provides a great environment for this and helps me become a better teacher.