Resource / Learning Skills Program

The FUMA academic program incorporates a resource-learning skills program in the Upper School. This program is designed to provide focused assistance to students with diagnosed learning differences such as ADD, ADHD and mild learning disabilities. Students must elect to participate, and the focus is to help them convert learning challenges into academic proficiency.

The program will incorporate one period of learning skills instruction (in small group sessions of 5-6 students) into the class day from Monday to Thursday each week. Experienced faculty members with specific training in the learning skills areas will address students’ particular needs and develop individual learning plans. Also, these instructors will assist by pre-teaching the content material in the student's regularly scheduled academic classes.

Attendance is optional after the first quarter of each term if the student achieves and maintains a grade of B+ or above in his regular class.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help students with learning differences prepare to learn in a college preparatory academic program. Candidates for this program should have above average achievement ability, no accompanying emotional or behavioral conditions, a sincere desire to improve their academic performance, and the motivation to improve their preparation for the future.

Students interested in participating in the program must be accepted for enrollment at the Academy through the normal admissions program. A current educational evaluation and other records are required. Should educational testing be needed, the Academy can assist in arranging an appointment with a consulting educational psychologist who is familiar with our academic program. A fee (as specified on the enrollment form) for the school year will be charged in addition to the regular tuition. Specific questions about the program in the Upper School may be addressed to COL Todd Giszack, Academic Dean (434-842-4212).

More information and an enrollment form can be found in our Download Forms section of the website at the following link: