Nutrition & Health Services

Dorothy Thomasson Estes Dining Hall

Students will enjoy a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the 21,000 square foot modern dining facility. Serving students cafeteria-style, the dining hall offers a choice of at least two entrees, with side dishes, for each meal. A salad bar, sandwich bar, hot soups, and fresh fruit bar provide a variety of options for healthy eating. All meals are specifically prepared to meet the nutritional needs of growing young men. Even finicky eaters should find a choice to satisfy them.

Sabre Shop

The Sabre Shop offers pizza, burgers, and fries in a cozy diner setting. Here cadets can eat, visit with friends, and watch television in a more casual environment.

Yeatman Infirmary

The Academy has an on-campus infirmary that is fully stocked with appropriate medical supplies and equipment to meet the health-related needs of the student body. The infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day by a registered nurse on duty, working under the supervision of a Head Nurse and the Academy Physician.

The nurses assess students' illnesses and injuries, referring them as needed to the Academy Physician. The Academy Physician is available on campus each weekday morning for sick call, and is on call for emergencies. The county's Rescue Squad has a unit housed less than a mile away that responds to emergencies requiring transportation to local hospitals in Charlottesville.

Students on Prescribed Medications

All students on prescribed medications have their medicine dispensed by the nurse in the infirmary on a consistent schedule.