Learning Technology

Planetarium & Science Laboratories

The J. Caldwell Wicker Science Building houses a 60-seat planetarium which doubles as an additional state-of-the-art multimedia presentation center. The planetarium is a popular field trip destination for other local schools as well.

The Wicker Science Building also offers fully-equipped science laboratories, providing appropriate space for experiments and practical learning for our Upper School science classes.

Computer Technology

The Perkins Technology Center houses five computer laboratories, including the language laboratory. At least half a dozen additional computer laboratories are located throughout the campus, including the Middle School. Every classroom has networking computing available. Five of our Upper School English classrooms , and our 8th grade English classroom in the Middle School, are fully-equipped with computers for each student.

While access to the school's network and the Internet is widespread across campus, a cadet's use of the Internet is limited to specific class-related work. Aimless "Web surfing" is not permitted.

Digital projectors, digital whiteboards, DVD players, and other portable multimedia devices are available for classroom use as well.