Alumni Scholarship

What is the Alumni Scholarship?

The Alumni Scholarship program is a tool available to our alumni to help bring new cadets to Fork Union Military Academy. Students recommended and nominated by an alumnus, who are accepted for admission to the Academy, are eligible to receive a scholarship to Fork Union Military Academy.

Who is eligible for the Alumni Scholarship?

The scholarship is awarded to a FUMA cadet who:

  1. is actively recruited by a FUMA alumnus.
  2. is a new full-time boarding student in the 6th-12th grade.
  3. meets all the requirements for admission to Fork Union Military Academy.
  4. successfully completes his school year at Fork Union Military Academy.

How can a student be nominated for the Alumni Scholarship?

A FUMA alumnus must request an application from the Development Office (434-842-4370) in order to nominate a student for the Alumni Scholarship and return it to the Director of Development for approval.

The following guidelines should be observed:

  1. The nomination of a student to receive an Alumni Scholarship should be initiated by an alumnus.
  2. Students should not solicit the receipt of the Alumni Scholarship for themselves.

How much is awarded to the student if his nomination is approved?

Any student nominated for an Alumni Scholarship by an alumnus will receive a grant of $500 toward their tuition, regardless of financial need.

How can I give to support the Alumni Scholarship?

The Alumni Scholarship is funded through endowed scholarships started by, or in honor of , outstanding FUMA faculty and alumni. You may give to a specific endowed fund, or just make a donation to the Alumni Scholarship and your gift will be placed where it can do the most good to support this important program.

You may call our Development Department at 434-842-4370 to find out how to support this fund, or make your payment online through our Web site.

Can my gift be used to support a specific student’s scholarship award?

Gifts to the Alumni Scholarship cannot be made to a specific student. Your donation will become part of the Alumni Scholarship fund and will continue to make this Alumni Scholarship available to students now and into the future.

Designating your contribution to support a specific student is, in effect, making a direct tuition payment for that student. This direct payment of tuition will NOT be a tax-deductible contribution.

A contribution to our Alumni Scholarship Fund is a tax-deductible gift but will not be guaranteed to a specific student.