Admissions Application Forms

The forms attached at the bottom of this page are for new prospective students seeking admission to FUMA for the first time. Students already accepted for admission, and current students re-enrolling do not need to complete an Admissions Application a second time.

Application Checklist

This form helps you track the progress of your application and the forms required. There a several document parts to your application for admissions that all need to be complete before a decision on admissions can be made by our Admissions Office. This checklist will help you organize the steps required in completing your applications process.

Admissions Application

Most of our applicants find it easier and more convenient to apply online. In fact, we prefer to receive an online application for admission because it gets your information into our hands quicker, speeds the data entry process, and prevents us from mistyping any of your information.

If, however, you find it easier to download, print, and complete your application by hand, and mail it to us, please feel free to do so. We'll be happy to receive it from you.

Student Questionnaire

The Student Questionnaire should be completed by the prospective student in his own words and in his own handwriting. Please don't type this form, as we like to see how the student expresses himself in answering the questions and whether he can communicate clearly in writing.


(Note: The forms below should be given to your current school for them to complete and return to FUMA. You might wish to provide them with an addressed envelope to return these forms to Admissions once they have been completed.)

Transcript Request

This form is used to request that your son's most current school forward his complete student transcript to our Admissions Office. This information is very important, and as it sometimes takes schools some time to respond, you should submit this form to your school promptly.

Character Questionnaire

This questionnaire must be completed by your son's Guidance Counselor, Principal, or Assistant Principal. This questionnaire deals with the prospective student's personal attributes and conduct history. This information must be in the student's application file before a decision on his admission can be finalized.

Teacher Recommendation (English)
Teacher Recommendation (Math)

These questionnaires should be completed by a teacher (one math, one English) who has taught the student in class and can speak to his personal attributes, academic ability, performance, and motivation as a student. Please see that the teachers complete and return these documents promptly.

Return all forms promptly to the Admissions Office

Each of these forms should be completed and returned to::

Director of Admissions
Fork Union Military Academy
P.O. Box 278
Fork Union, VA 23055
FAX: 434-842-4300


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