The Guy E. Beatty Library was built in 1983-84 and officially dedicated on May 11, 1984. Through the additional generosity of Mr. Beatty, a new addition to the library tht doubled the floor space was completed in 2005.

The library's primary mission is to serve as the intellectual center in the school by providing resources and services that support the curriculum, to ensure that students acquire the information gathering skills needed in today's world, and to encourage students to become effective users of information and life-long learners and critical thinkers. 

The Beatty Library is the venue for many school meetings and activities. The Academy's Board of Trustees uses the Trustee Board Room for its meetings and committee work. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is administered several times each month in the library computer lab. Beatty Library is the site of Admissions Open House events, parent seminars, cadet training, faculty meetings, club and advisee meetings and events sponsored by Fluvanna County organizations and agencies.

The librarians conduct library and database orientation and encourage teachers to bring classes to the library for bibliographic instruction and research support. Lessons on citing sources used in research assignments are also offered to entire classes and to individual students. A main objective is to provide a link to the information-rich society that students will face during their college years and in adult life.