Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Timothy Hutton....

Yes...I'm talking about THE premiere movie of the military school genre.

When I was 5...the rumblings began. I would screw something up and my parents would threaten me with military school. This went on and on...then when I was 10..I saw Taps. Shot at beautiful Valley Forge Military Academy. George C. Scott as Ken Whitescarver...Tom Cruise as the equivilant of the Retan Rifles commander. Sean Penn as an Adjutant (is that right?). Timothy Hutton as BC. 10 year old kids running around with automatic weapons!! YEAH...My parents couldn't threaten me with military school after that production. I was DYING to go!!

Yes the plot was ridiculous and unrealistic. The script was silly...but the cast and the directors ability to bring out the beauty of Valley Forge made it work! I always heard that they wanted to film the movie at FUMA...I never knew if that was the truth.

I actually went into the military school hunt favoring Valley Forge--but once I found out that they had a frickin "polo team" I realized my middle class butt better find a home more suitable for a guy like me. I've heard from plenty of unbiased people that VFMA is a LOT more hard core than FUMA--but I guess that's irrelevant.

Anyone else have a similar experience after watching this 1981/82 classic?!!