Favorite FUMA faculty?

I've started two threads that are negative in nature--but I am who I am because of FUMA for better or for worse. I was wondering if anybody wants to give a shout-out to their favorite teachers at FUMA and what you remember about them?

I was a big fan of Captain Steve "Air" Ganong who taught math for at FUMA in the 80's. He was challenging, but I thoroughly enjoyed his classes. I don't have any funny anecdotes to share because he was pretty much a regular guy--but my Math board scores were top-notch and he deserves a lot of credit for that.

I also thought Steve Friski did a good job. He taught me to read history critically. I didn't agree with him on much of anything (a liberal at FUMA is a lonely thing to be) but I thought he did a great job of making us think about issues and develop thoughtful opinions on them rather than just spew out what your parents believe.

Chris Nothnagle, Cecil Ross, Major Sutton left a great impression as well. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to learn from Col. Hitchcock or Col. Brown as they had stellar reputations.

And when is someone gonna start the "favorite Flemign Straughn story" thread?