Upper School Leave Office

The last regular leave of the school year begins at 12:30 on February 24th and ends at 7:30 on Sunday the 26th. A shuttle bus is available to Richmond Greyhound, Amtrak and RIC Airport for weekend leaves. The cost is $60.00 round trip. Please let us know if you have questions or need further information.  Loss of leave because of CQ violations and E.D. tours will apply to this leave.
Spring Break, the final major leave, begins at 12:30 on Friday, March 9 and ends at 7:30 on Sunday, March 18. Early departure and late returns are not allowed.   Charter buses or private hire services are available to destinations indicated below. 
·       Charlottesville air, bus and train
·       Richmond air, bus and train
·       Washington, DC Greyhound
·       Reagan National Airport
·       Dulles Airport
·       Tyson’s Corner
Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance.